I am an entrepreneur…a writer…a storyteller. So much of my own story can be explained with this one…God sent me to Haiti the first time in 2013. To read my writings then, you would think I had taken on the body of a cat being dangled above a tub full of water. I was TERRIFIED and BEWILDERED. At the first orphanage, the children were singing as they sat in chairs around a tree. Our group quietly stood behind them enthralled. There were a few empty chairs that we were urged to use. I sat down behind a row of children, and suddenly I saw a small hand reach out between the rails of the chair in front of me and grab my hand. What stays with me still is this…God sent me there to wreck my heart, so he could start truly healing and remaking it. As I walked out of that orphanage, I looked down and there was a GIANT heart rock in the middle of the path. I couldn’t help but laugh as I whispered, “I see you God.” and thought THIS IS GOING TO HURT…AND IT HAS.

My story is equal parts beautiful + brutal. Every part of this space is a stone marking my relationship with God and his restoration of my heart. He is in the business I co-founded, my writings, photography, music, and my latest storytelling venture…The Honeycomb Podcast.


I am a writer. It has taken me two blogs, a handful of published articles, a book proposal, and seven years to own it. That is something a lot of us struggle with – identity - who God created us to be. I love everything about writing, but I especially love that writing allows me the space to wrestle and work through the thoughts, fears, questions, and lessons I am going through. My blog contains my musings about life and work. I have written about everything from my #threeyearpurgefest to #counselingmusings to #facedown moments and lately the #thenextfirststep season I am walking through with God.

Storytelling is in my DNA, but even I could never have never imagined the role it would have throughout my life. I am grateful to the gifted storytellers who have poured into me as today it is key to my work as both an entrepreneur and writer. Constantly amazed at how storytelling can deliver a call-to-action to the reader/listener in a way that forever connects them to a business/non-profit/person, I am working to use that concept in my latest adventure The Honeycomb Podcast, a place for all of us to be encouraged through the sharing of the beautiful + brutal parts of our stories.

I have been working since I was 13 years old, and I love to work, but even more I love to create. In 2012, I co-founded an energy solutions firm that within five years hit $6.1MM in annual revenues and was a finalist for Arkansas Business of the Year. What I love most about entrepreneurship is the start-up and growth stages. My background in corporate finance and strategy, and now starting a firm of my own, give me a unique perspective when consulting and mentoring other entrepreneurs.


Let’s work together.

As someone who has banned the word “busy” from their vocabulary, I limit how many extra projects I take on. That said, you don’t get anything if you are not willing to ask so if you think I am good fit for your writing, storyteller, consulting needs, please leave me a note below and I’ll get back to you.

Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined. // Unknown