I love family.  I love my family.

Family, whether by birth or adoption, is wonderful.  It is the glue that holds YOU/us together during the trials of life. 

I have been blessed with some wonderful family by birth, and some wonderful family by adoption.  I do not differentiate between the two for they have all helped to define the blissfulness and joy of my life. 

I have also been challenged by not so hot family, and I am equally thankful for them.  They too have helped to define the blissfulness and joy of my life.  How?  If I had not had the pain, I would not enjoy the joy near as much, and I am all about enjoying the joy of life.  I have seen the other side…not pretty.

Tonight I am celebrating with my adopted family.  We have a milestone that has occurred this week, and a big surprise for someone tonight.  I am thrilled for them, and as such, I have done another first….learned how to make punch.  I can cook, but as a single girl I don’t get much opportunity, and as such I have never made punch before today.  Go figure.  I am praying it is a masterpiece.  My kitchen looks like it is…:)

Later tonight, I will drive into the night to get to some of my family (by birth) so that I can celebrate a birthday.  As is often true of my life, I am needed and wanted in multiple points, and I work hard to be at all of them.  It is important to me, and I figure I can rest when I get to heaven.  God willing I make it there.  God’s decision; not mine.

I love my family.  The good and the bad of them have defined me, and any good (or bad) in me is quite certainly attributable to my lineage…all of them. 🙂  They have given me foundation.  They have given me wings.  More than that, the best of them, have given me unconditional love, and this girl…Well no little girl was more lacking in receiving and learning about that than me.  No adult woman is more grateful for those around her who have loved her….purely, unconditionally, truly, deeply, and for always. 

I love my family.  I am grateful (and glad).  Hug, squeeze, and love your family (the good, the bad, and the ugly) for they have shaped you into the glorious person you are…and no matter what, you ARE glorious.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! 🙂