I loved this post so much, I have copied the whole thing below and added a link (click on the title “The Clue”).  I am learning so much from the devotionals (via e-mail, podcast, etc.) I ordered through Ransomed Heart.  The main thing I am learning is I don’t have a clue…which is why when I opened this one this morning while drinking my coffee…I nearly made a mess.  Ouch. 🙂

“And I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. U2?  
There is a secret set within each of our hearts. It often goes unnoticed, we rarely can put words to it, and yet it guides us throughout the days of our lives. This secret remains hidden for the most part in our deepest selves. It is simply the desire for life as it was meant to be. Isn’t there a life you have been searching for all your days? You may not always be aware of your search, and there are times when you seem to have abandoned looking altogether. But again and again it returns to us, this yearning that cries out for the life we prize. It is elusive, to be sure. It seems to come and go at will. Seasons may pass until it surfaces again. And though it seems to taunt us, and may at times cause us great pain, we know when it returns that it is priceless. For if we could recover this desire, unearth it from beneath all other distractions and embrace it as our deepest treasure, we would discover the secret of our existence. 
We all share the same dilemma - we long for life and we’re not sure where to find it. We wonder if we ever do find it, can we make it last? The longing for life within us seems incongruent with the life we find around us. What is available seems at times close to what we want, but never quite a fit. We must journey to find the life we prize. And the guide we have been given is the desire set deep within, the desire we often overlook, or mistake for something else or even choose to ignore. The greatest human tragedy is simply to give up the search. There is nothing of greater importance than the life of our deep heart. To lose heart is to lose everything. And if we are to bring our hearts along in our life’s journey, we simply must not, we cannot abandon this desire. And so Gerald May writes,
There is a desire within each of us, in the deep center of ourselves that we call our heart. We were born with it, it is never completely satisfied, and it never dies. We are often unaware of it, but it is always awake? Our true identity, our reason for being, is to be found in this desire.
The clue as to who we really are and why we are here comes to us through our heart’s desire.”

Love is everywhere…all around us…IN us.  Are we seeking it?  Every. Day.  Are we cowering from it?
Yesterday I was describing to someone how wonderful the The Help was ~ both book and film, and I was describing one subtle difference between the book and the film in the last scene where Miss Hilly and Aibileen have their “moment”.  The movie mirrors the book perfectly in this scene except for one very subtle but powerful difference.  Miss Hilly is threatening jail…Aibileen notes that she also has something on her (finding her inner mojo), but then in the film Aibileen moves closer to Miss Hilly…mere inches from her face and says, “Aren’t you tired Miss Hilly?”  Whoa.  It was quite awhile before I realized that I had been holding my breath after she said that.  How powerful is that?  Whether you are talking about external bullies or the way we bully our own hearts.  Every. Day.  What a question.  How much energy does it take to make yourself or to make others miserable?  Wow.
Note to Self ~ Remember that line next time I am beating myself up or being beat up by someone. 🙂
Where is your heart?  Aren’t you tired?
In Sunday School you learn a great song called “This Little Light of Mine”…who flipped your light off?  You?  Someone else?  Turn it back ON!
For everything I know…there is so much I don’t have a clue about, or I have learned and long since forgotten.  I hate bullies, but I think nothing of bullying myself…pummeling myself with negative thoughts and behaviors.  Why do we do that??
Stop it.  Get a clue.  Re-discover your heart.  Protect your heart.  Here is a clue…protect is not code for “build a wall”.  Love.
Aren’t you tired of letting others steal your life…steal your heart?  Then stop giving it to them.  Own it.
You are amazing.  If you don’t believe it…then how do you expect anyone else to believe it? 
Find your heart.  Find your light.  Find your inner mojo. 
You will be glad you did. 🙂 

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! 🙂