I am enduring the mother of all writing droughts.
For you that don’t know….

…writing is therapy for me.

Lets just say without it, I do not operate at my best.

In any area of my life.

Sad, but completely and tee totally 100% true.

So….imagine the anxiety building within me as I fully accept that I am less than 48 hours from starting a 10 day journey to and through Israel. With my nephew. Wound tighter than a tick emotionally, mentally, and physically.

If an oh sh*t crossed your brain. Thank you for that…you know me. You really know me.

I just sat back and read that last sentence three times….feeling nothing.

*Deep Breath*

I am in a really bad way…in a really bad place…operating on emotional fumes.


So….I just bowed my head, closed my eyes, and let the words of this song wash over me again and again….