Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I afraid of?  I mean, really afraid of?”

I have.  Nearly every, single day of my life.  I am a scaredy cat from way back.  I hear that when I was little I wasn’t scared of anything…bold as brass.  There are a lot of theories on when that changed, and I certainly have a few of my own.  The point is that we all have fears.  We all have those insecurities about can we really do something?  Say something?  Be something?  I believe as we get older those fears start really getting on our nerves.  I mean its not like we are 12 years old anymore.  We are adults.  We are the boss now.  Yeah right.

I saw this post on my friend Stacy’s Facebook page a week or so back, “Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of  you.”  I instantly loved it, liked it and saved it for a blog post.  Don’t I feel silly because I have had an epiphany…what do you do if YOU’RE the one sucking the happiness out of yourself??  I wish I could write funny…because right there would have been a great Saturday Night Live quote…talk amongst yourselves..:)  I’m not.  I digress. 🙂 

We have all seen those articles on not getting in the way of your own happiness.  Anybody ever wonder if you are not only in the way of your own happiness, but maybe YOU are sucking it right out of your own life??

I am writing this post as I get more and more snowed in by the hour.  I mean, I am at 8″ now and it is only 2 p.m. (this storm is supposed to last until 4-8 p.m. tonight).  I wonder, as the majority of the State of Arkansas takes a collective snow day, if we don’t all need to take a little time to reflect on this thought about our own personal happiness.  As you are snuggle up on your couch drinking hot chocolate or hot tea.  As you snuggle up to your FB looking at your friends’ photos and posts of the beautiful snow.  As you lay down to take a little nap after playing with your family and/or friends in the snow.  I just wonder if you can’t take a mini-assessment and determine if you are really happy?  If the answer is that you are not happy, then you have to ask yourself why?  Now…here is the hard part…are YOU part of the problem? 

If you are like me, this little swim in lake you is unpleasant at times.  The first step to real change though is to find the source of the problem.  No more band-aids…it is time for open heart surgery.  Because don’t we all want to be this happy…truly?? 🙂

I am so glad that I have friends, colleagues and family in my life that are not afraid to place a mirror in front of my face when I need it.  I am glad that they are gentle with me, yet not afraid to stop me in my tracks when needed.  We all need those kind of people in our lives.  I hope you take the time on this beautiful, snowy day to take a look at yourself and the ones in your life to make sure that you are not giving people control over your happiness.  Mainly, make sure YOU have not subjugated your OWN happiness.

Happy Snow Day (and good luck finding a little Sunshine:)! 

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! 🙂