I have had quite the day…

First, I actually rested last night.  I slept in until 8:22 a.m. and with that, let me just say, “Wow.”  Real rest, oh how I have missed thee.  Second, I had a waffle breakfast with Doretha at The Farm, and it was just the two of us…one of those rare, wonderful, unexpected surprises…and we talked, laughed and solved all of the problems of the world.  Third, I had our (suddenly becoming) regular lunch/brunch at Granny’s, but with extra guests this time…Uncle Zell and Aunt Vanita joined our merry group today, and I laughed until I cried.  Seriously…at one point I used my lovely pashmina to cover my face…Zell, Odale and Granny were a mess this morning.  After a nap this afternoon, I was invited for movie night at The Farm.  We had Christmas movies, pizza, hot chocolate, and popcorn.  So now I am home at nearly 11 p.m., and I am somewhere south of exhausted. 

The movie Love Actually was in the DVD player, and I am listening to the last part of it while I type.  I am a week away from Christmas, and I might just finally be getting the spirit.  It is creeping up on me ever so slowly this year.

If you have never seen The Christmas Card, you really should buy the DVD; I highly recommend it.  I saw it a few years ago on the Hallmark Channel (back when I had cable 🙂 ), and I loved it so much that I started searching for a DVD version.  It was one of the ones we watched tonight.  Later as Wesley got me tucked into the Jeep for me to head to the hollow with Christmas carols coming through the speakers as I turned the key, he commented that he remembered kissing me as I laughed after watching that movie last Christmas.  Funny that he should remember that.  Hmmm….

Love, Laughter, Christmas and a Smile.

I am glad to have had all four today…:)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! 🙂