Today I am thankful that my rock (on the facade of The Workshop only) is complete.  Go Marty!  To go into the pain of getting this much complete would overwhelm my thankfulness, so lets leave it at I am thrilled that the facade is done.  I am also thankful that he will be back in March (God willing) to complete what we now affectionately called Phase 2, which will be the final phase (Thank God.).  All of that said, his work is magnificent and breathtaking, and I am thrilled and thankful for the beautiful job he has done.

I am thankful for Devin Cooper who is helping/working with us at The Farm to get it back up and going as a “working” farm.  He is a good worker and more than that a pleasure to both work and spend time with; we are grateful for the opportunity to do both.  This project is a family affair for the entire Shipman family, and it is wonderful to have Devin coming home from college on weekends to be a part of it.

I am thankful for a drive-in movie date with Wesley after a long, fence building, work day at The Farm.  We saw Courageous which I highly recommend.  Great movie.

Finally, today I am again thankful for my warm, cozy bed.  I am feeling every muscle tonight. 🙂

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! 🙂