We all have that one task that we have been shoving to the bottom of our to do list for weeks, months (maybe years).  If you have an electronic to do list, you keep changing the due date on it so it will stop glaring at you in that bold, red font.  It is okay…smile.  You are among friends. 🙂

This weekend, I whipped out one of my dreaded tasks and nailed it head on.  Did it take all of my Saturday and part of my Monday?  Yes.  Was it worth it now that it is done?  Oh yes…oh yes!!!

Why do we do it? 

Why do we delay the most dreaded items in our day?  In our lives? 

Why?  I will tell you why…they’re hard.  Did you think I was going to have a better answer than the obvious?  Did you think I had come up with some magical reason to explain away all of our collective and individual procrastinations?  Really??!!  Your opinions of me are too high.

I saw on FB over the last week where one of my dear friends posted a request for encouragement as she addressed some overdue to do items on her list.  It was literally a FB Pep Rally.  Maybe that is one of the glories of FB and Twitter….a way to get a pep talk just when you need it.  I mean surely one of our hundreds of friends is online right when you post so they can quickly respond with a “Woo Hoo” post to build you up.  🙂

My advice to her….”Do it.  Do it first. Do it now. :)”…..

…that is what I want people to say to me….

…or is it????

Sometimes do we simply want people to wallow with us in a collective whinefest (is that a word?) when we complain out into the universe?  Sometimes. 

I guess I truly am a Pollyanna (and yes I fell asleep watching the movie last night), and I really believe that when someone reaches out to us…they really want help.  (I am about to digress here, and I am going to stop myself.)

Our grandparents and great-grandparents were right….don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  EVEN if that means stepping away from something else, someone else, etc. to do it.  I advised someone recently to take a day off, or a week off, to get some overdue to do lists done.  They were stunned…and commented that they had never thought of using vacation time for to do lists.  I laughed because I remember a time when I was naive and thought that was crazy too. 

…ask the Federal Government…

We are simply TOO busy today…having to take time off to deal with the busyness is a sure sign of that.  BUT you have to start somewhere in order to get ahead of the snow ball careening downhill and possibly simplify your life once again.  In my mind, even if it means using a vacation day, it is oh SO worth it.

Think about it…just an idea….:)

You might be glad you did.

Remember…make the plan; work the plan. 🙂

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! 🙂